20th Nov 2018

Foam Body & Head Protection for Sport and Leisure

Foam body protection within the sport and leisure industry is vitally important for the safety of athletes. When it comes to contact sports, closed cell foam is used as padding for greater protection from brace damage caused by impact.

Whether it’s full contact, such as rugby (from tackling) and mixed martial arts (scored based on impact on an opponent) or sports that include collisions with equipment (hockey, football, cricket), consideration for the players protection should always be priority.

Most sporting associations will penalise with rules in place to prevent and reduce any incidents of physical injuries, however, with contact sports, rules do allow for significant physical contact and that’s where protection is required for the players.

Boxing Gloves

Our Zouch eFoam and Zouchflex range features some of the most diverse, high-quality foams available and our team of technical experts have been working with and supporting brands in the sporting sector for over a decade. We’re no strangers to developing prototypes with our foam ranges, including sponge and rubber, to invent and create sports protection for both safety and performance.

We recently worked with a UK based helmet manufacturer for neck protection for cricketers, using our ZOUCHflex range of unique synthetic closed cell rubber, both durable and lightweight, whilst maintaining high impact cushioning.

Cricketers neck protection

Benefits of closed cell foams

Impact resistant

Our ZOUCH eFoam doesn’t crumble, rot or break under pressure or impact so contact sports that rely on protection can confidently see their players practice without worry of safety or damaged equipment. Its retained shape and resistance allows for greater protection for the wearer too.

Moisture resistant

Due to being a closed cell material the foam is exceptionally water and moisture resistant. That means that excess perspiration or weather conditions won’t affect our ZOUCH eFoam. Our closed cell foam is low odour, non toxic and has antibacterial properties to help defend against germs and perspiration when used for sporting activities.


Its high strength-to-weight ratio means that our ZOUCH eFoam is not only lightweight but also incredibly durable and long lasting.

Our closed cell foam range includes ethylene co-polymer, conductive and static dissipative foams, as well as flame retardant and antibacterial grades, in a range of densities, colours and sizes. Each one is non-toxic, thermally insulating and resistant to UV, moisture and chemicals.

Whatever you’d like to achieve, our expert team can work with you to design and develop products and components, choosing and using the very best materials for the job. We can split, saw, rout, die cut, water-jet cut, butt-weld, laminate, adhere, thermoform or compression mould all of our foams to create even the most complex shapes and sizes, so talk to us about your latest challenge.

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