PPE Medical Grade Face Shields

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During covid-19 we're manufacturing

PPE Face Shields To Protect Frontline Key Workers

During these unprecedented times, we're working with manufacturers to help the supply of PPE medical grade face shields for infection control, to protect frontline healthcare and key workers who are tirelessly combatting the outbreak.

PPE Coronavirus Face Shield

Face shields and visors are an article of essential PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) that protect the wearer's facial area against particles associated with COVID-19. These face shields prevent splashes and splatters of body fluid from coming into contact with the wearer’s eyes, nose and mouth.

ZOUCH medical grade face shields are made up of a Crystal Clear Medical Grade APET Polyester and an ultra-soft foam cushioning aid for long term use and comfort, that covers the face from the hairline and over the chin for full protection against Coronavirus.

Being a UK based manufacturer, we are able to produce and manufacture medical grade face shields quickly and daily to help combat the supply and demand for PPE equipment for medical staff, healthcare and key workers.

We supply face shields individually, in bulk, and in reusable kits. Our most popular face shield by far is the Reusable Premium Visor which is CE Level 2 Certified and comes in a kit that lasts the wearer 30 days. The kit comprises of:

1 x Fully Assembled Full Face Visor
29 x Additional Low Tack Peelable Foam Aids
29 x Additional Low Tack Peelable Labels
1 x Premium Quality Personalised Outer Carton with Label and Name Tag

COVID-19 Face Protection

Get in touch with our expert support team to discuss your requirements, supply levels and turnaround for PPE Full Face Shields and Foam Cushioning Aids, in the fight against Coronavirus.

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  • PPE Fully Assembled Latex Free Full Face Shields (Disposable and Re-Usable)
  • Self Adhesive Foam Cushioning Aids (White or Grey)
  • Non-Latex Elastic - available in colours in 20mm or 25mm Wide
  • Reusable Premium Visor Kit– 500 Micron APET – CE Level 2 Certified
  • Reusable ONY Face Masks & Disposable Face Masks
  • ZOUCH PPE Visor APET CAT III (Anti-Fog)

Most popular

Reusable Premium Visor – 500 Micron APET – CE Level 2 Certified

Kit comprises of:

  • 1 x Fully Assembled Full Face Visor (including label and foam aid)
  • 29 x Additional Low Tack Peelable Foam Aids
  • 29 x Additional Low Tack Peelable Labels
  • 1 x Premium Quality Personalised Outer Carton with Label and Name Tag

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Our medical grade open cell polyurethane foam can be die cut or converted into any size or shape that is needed, as part of the face visor's components, to add comfort to the wearer so the plastic shield isn’t directly in contact with the forehead. We can also supply these as a standalone product for those that only require foam cushioning.

  • Manufactured in the UK
  • CE Certified - Meets European Standards for Health, Safety and Environmental Protection
  • Shatter Resistant & Fully Flexible
  • Visor suitable for use with glasses, prescription lenses and protective masks
  • Low Cost & Effective Solution
  • Unsurpassed Gloss & Transparency for the ultimate in product visibility
  • Anti-Fogging and can be used for prolonged periods
  • Full Face Visor to provide a high level of protection from fluid or spray
  • Ultra Soft Self-Adhesive Non-Toxic Foam Cushioning Aid for comfort and to secure a front seal
  • Can be cleaned with Alcohol or Hypochlorite
Covid19 face shield

A complete, customised service

From the first call to the finished product, we’re with you every step of the way. We offer technical support and advice on the best foam products for your specific application and assembly process.

We can also provide bespoke product development, on-site support and samples, making the whole design, purchasing and implementation process streamlined and stress free.