31st Mar 2020

PPE Medical Grade Face Visors To Protect Frontline Healthcare Workers During Coronavirus Outbreak

During these unprecedented times, we’re working with the NHS to manufacture PPE medical grade face visors for infection control, to protect the frontline healthcare workers tirelessly combatting the outbreak.

Face shields protect the wearer's facial area against particles associated with COVID-19, preventing splashes and splatters of body fluids from coming into contact with the wearer’s eyes, nose and mouth.

They’re an absolutely essential element of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for healthcare workers to use whilst testing and caring for patients with Coronavirus, as the face has been reported to be the body part most commonly contaminated during procedures. Medical grade face shields are made up of Latex Free elastic, perspex or PVC and a ultra soft foam cushioning aid, to cover the face from the hairline and over the chin for full protection.

coronavirus medical face shield

Our UK based manufacturers and warehouses are able to produce medical grade face shields daily, and are already gearing up to begin production for NHS Birmingham and Lincoln as of April 2020 - to help meet the ever growing demand for face visors for healthcare workers across the UK.

Our medical grade open cell polyurethane foam can be die cut or converted into any size or shape that is needed, as part of the face visors components, to add comfort to the wearer so the plastic shield isn’t directly in contact with the forehead.

coronavirus medical face shield

Benefits of medical grade open cell polyurethane foam

Soft and comfortable

Open cell polyurethane foam is often used for products such as baby sponges and make up sponges, as it’s both kind to the skin and soft to the touch: meaning that it’s especially comfortable to the wearer. It conforms exceptionally well to body surfaces, providing flexible cushioning that doesn’t irritate delicate skin.

open cell polyurethane

Medical grade

In the healthcare market, our foams are providing healthcare professionals with more advanced, effective products. Our medical grade foams are hypoallergenic, skin friendly and designed for medical or surgical use.

Face Shield UK


All of our foams are designed and manufactured to be non-toxic and our medical grade open cell polyurethane foam has been exclusively designed for contact with the skin.

If you’re a medical supplier looking for face shields and visors during the Coronavirus outbreak, we can help and are with you every step of the way. Simply get in touch via our online form, email us at sales@zouchconverters.co.uk or call us on +44 (0) 115 856 2025.

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