23rd Aug 2018

High-Density Polyethylene for Safety Helmet Shells

Safety helmets are used in a multitude of industries such as construction, electric utility, nuclear and oil refining, chemical, commercial (such as tour operations in underground caves), agriculture and many more. Most safety helmets are made from injection moulded polyethylene foams, which are poured into moulds in their liquid forms, to ensure excellent protection for the wearers head, however, their interiors often contain closed cell polyethylene for added comfort, protection and safety.

Safety helmet shells will have up to eight points within them for a suspension system which cushions the wearers head from impact. The foam cushioning fits snugly to the head and takes the brunt of vibrations and collisions against the shell. Shock resistance is ensured by providing space between the wearers head and the suspension system comprised of straps and well cushioned foam

Closed cell polyethylene foam

Our closed cell foams are low cost but high-quality, lightweight for the wearer, high performing and robust against wear - we innovated our foam to have a high strength-to-weight ratio, with an attractive range of colours as well as maintaining low odour for extended wear. Zouch’s range is non-toxic, thermally insulating and resistant to UV, moisture and chemicals.

polyethylene foam close up

Common Industry Applications for Safety Helmets:

  • Building and Construction
  • Highways and railways
  • Mineral Industries
  • Tunnel Projects
  • Sports and Leisure
  • Rescue
  • Marine
  • Motorsports
  • Chemical Industries
  • Oil refining and rigs
  • Agriculture
  • Commercial
  • Uniformed Public Services
  • Mountaineering
watersports helmet

Further benefits to closed cell foam

Lightweight and comfortable

Closed cell foam is lightweight and easily ventilated. Due to its soft, closed cell structure, it’s comfortable for the wearer but also remains waterproof, if weather conditions were to change or if the wearer is perspiring due to the working environment; it is also anti-bacterial.


Our soft, closed cell foam offers the wearer comfort in the flexibility of the foam and shape to the head.

Inexpensive to manufacture

Closed cell polyethylene foam is relatively inexpensive to manufacture and for those looking to create a safe and high quality foam at a low-cost, closed cell foam is an ideal candidate.

ZOUCHflex range

Our ZOUCHflex range was recently the chosen material for a unique synthetic closed cell foam rubber, for the use of neck protection for cricketers. It is both durable and lightweight and has high impact cushioning in order to prevent trauma to the wearer whilst providing comfort and flexibility.

Neck support for cricketers

Here at Zouch Converters, our eFoam range features some of the most diverse and high quality foams available on the market. Our expert team can work with you on the design and development of your product. We can split, saw, rout, die cut, water-jet cut, butt-weld, laminate, adhere, thermoform or compression mould all of our foams to create even the most complex shapes and sizes, so talk to us about your latest challenge.

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