1st Aug 2022

Custom Cut and Designed Case Inserts for Luxury Marquetry Boards and Games

An award-winning designer, Alexandra Llewellyn's beautifully handcrafted and intricately detailed backgammon boards are ornaments in their own right. Her bespoke work is second to none, and she uses materials of peerless quality—sustainably sourced and unusually combined.

These entrancing games are beloved worldwide with commissions from royalty, luxury brands and well-known figures.

We recently worked with a business that has been creating luxury packaging for Alexandra Llewellyn. They needed a foam manufacturer accustomed to creating custom inserts for valuable items—after our recent work with Globe-Trotter for their Alessi Cocktail Set and Centenary Poker Box.

Foam Case Inserts

We were asked to create foam inserts to securely hold backgammon play pieces that would be made from a range of materials—anything from yellow agate, calf leather, marble, mother of pearl, and beyond. As some material was likely to be more delicate than others, the foam material needed to be durable, high-quality and shock absorbent. Inserts needed to be laser-cut to fit each individual backgammon play piece securely.

One of the most critical aspects of our foam was that it was chemically inert. As the play pieces are made from different materials, they needed an insert foam that wouldn't release any gases or chemicals, which tend to rot or tinge materials over time. Our foam is odourless too and doesn't retain smells, so for kits such as the Jungle Backgammon Set, which has fumed eucalyptus, the foam won't hold the scent between uses.

Foam Case Inserts

Considerations for luxury packaging inserts

Always consider the senses

Sight, smell and touch go a long way to creating standout packaging for beautifully crafted products. As much as the product is cherished, packaging needs to stand up to the quality of the product it protects. There can be no gassy odours. It must be durable (not crumble) and not fade (from oils on the skin or UV), and it must feel luxurious to the touch with hypoallergenic qualities for customers with sensitivities.

Quality in every aspect

Packaging can sometimes be left at the wayside when it comes to luxury items—as long as the product is outstanding, does the rest matter? Absolutely! When a consumer parts with large sums of their well-earned money, they expect their items to be well cared for and in pristine condition when not in use. Luxuriously designed packaging should consider the materials used too. Not every packaging foam is equal, and care needs to be taken when choosing a quality foam to preserve and shield an item.

Foam Case Inserts
Foam Case Inserts

Factors to consider when it comes to selecting foam range from durability, chemical inertness, flame retardancy, water resistance, weight, thickness, ability to shape and form, colour, feel (tactile), and toxicity—everything adds up to a high-quality foam that'll stand the tests of time.

The team at Zouch are well accustomed to working with brands and individuals who design and produce exquisite, high-end products. We offer unbiased advice to ensure we recommend the best products for your project.

We offer a selection of tactile foam samples ranging in colour, thickness, density and grade, so no matter your challenge, we’ve got a foam to suit your needs for luxury case inserts. Contact us for your free foam sample booklet and to discuss your latest challenge.

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