Custom Foam For Luxury Inserts And Packaging At Globe-Trotter

Globe-Trotter was established in 1897, and many will associate their cases with the Golden Age of travel. The shape and style of much of their range remain unchanged as their quality and attention to detail traverses across the ages.

From a gifted Globe-Trotter suitcase to Queen Elizabeth ll in 1947 for her honeymoon, which she still uses today, to being selected as the official case for British Overseas Airway Corporation, Globe-Trotter is synonymous with quality and luxury. It is used by today's modern-day icons, such as Emma Watson and Daniel Craig.

Poker set with foam insert.

Globe-Trotter appointed Zouch as their supplier for a luxury foam that would be housed within two of their latest products, the Globe-Trotter x Alessi Cocktail Set and the Centenary Poker Box.

It was fundamental that the foam matched their standards of detail and finish and would remain durable for years to come for the enjoyment of their customers. After understanding the brief and what the foam needed to secure and protect, we recommended our ZOUCH foam XLPE 40A.

The Zouch foam is a Closed-Cell Cross-Linked Microcelluar Polyethylene Foam with many qualities and benefits suited to luxury packaging protection.

Vibration and impact dampening

Closed-cell foam is used for its vibration and impact dampening qualities for fragile items that require protection during transportation, storage and contact. PE foam comes in a range of densities, but it's non-abrasive and makes for a soft surface for touch with delicate items made from metal and glass.


It is an incredibly lightweight foam, but that doesn't affect its quality. It offers excellent protection for secure packaging and safe transportation and doesn't overload cases and containers with extra weight to keep an item protected.

Durable and shock absorbent

Importantly for Globe-Trotter, PE foam is incredibly durable in nature due to its closed-cell formation. Cross-linked polyethylene foam doesn't become brittle or crumble, which means that if the item is stored for an extended period, then the foam isn't going to wear with age; any adhesive will keep its stick, and it will remain odourless too.


The foam itself doesn't let off any odour, nor does it absorb smells. If the foam is being used for display purposes or storage, retailers can rest assured there will be no foul odours from the foam upon opening containers or cases after any substantial time closed.

Cut to any shape

Closed-cell foam is easily cut whilst retaining its rigid form. It can either be produced in foam rolls or foam sheets, or CNC cut to specifications and designs, and be lasered and die-cut for all manner of shapes to protect fragile items.

Mould and stain resistant

Our XLPE foam has been irradiated by a high energy electron beam, meaning the foam is protected and defends against the growth of mould and bacteria and does not transfer colour to any packaged product.

This makes the cross-linked polyethylene foam a favourable material for packaging inserts for expensive, quality items, which may be displayed and stored for long periods. Our closed-cell polyethylene foam is UV resistant, chemically inert and non-toxic.

Colour and flocking

While our foam is available in a range of colours, if something bespoke is needed, we can flock foam for a more velvety surface to add a touch more luxury to packaging inserts. Due to the foams' consistent cell size and structure also make for a much more aesthetically pleasing foam.


As the foam is likely to be touched, we've ensured that our foam is entirely skin-friendly and hypoallergenic.

Cocktail making set with foam insert.

It's been a pleasure working with the team at Globe-Trotter to create bespoke foam inserts for their luxury products. No attention to detail has been spared, ensuring that our foam can proudly sit alongside the heritage that comes with Globe-Trotter and their premium product.

"It really has come together nicely. Thank you again for all your hard work to get this project launched on time."

- Chris Reid, Head of Design at Globe-Trotter.

No matter the product or challenge, we can help you choose the proper secure foam packaging for your project. Our expert team can work with you to design and develop the products and components, choosing and using the very best closed-cell foam materials for the job. Get in touch to talk to us about your latest challenge, and our unbiased team will be on hand to offer advice.

To make it easier for the customers we work with, both new and ongoing, we've created our latest sample brochure specifically for Physically Cross-Linked Closed Cell Polyethylene Foams. Our selection of tactile foam samples ranges in colour, thickness, density and grade, so no matter your challenge, we've got a foam to suit your needs.

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