23rd Mar 2020

Self-Adhesive Anti Slip EPDM Foam Pads To Increase Grip and Prevent Surface Slippage

Anti slip pads allow for the protection of marks and scrapes on surfaces across households, hospitality and businesses, to keep furniture, flooring (wooden, laminate and lino), and appliances such as washing machines, free from accidental scratches.

As suppliers and manufacturers of a wide range of sponge rubbers, we manufacture our anti slip pads from one of our specialist sponges EPDM. It’s a very flexible and resistant sponge rubber and as an expanded closed cell sponge, its versatility ensures that it is both resistant to UV and weathering, as well as being highly durable for extensive use and protection.


By combining EPDM’s (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) durability and strength with its optimum resistance to ageing, it makes for a highly popular material to be used for safeguarding surfaces - when combined with a self-adhesive backing to keep the pads themselves in place and secure.


Benefits of EPDM Foam

  • Flexible, low-cost, closed-cell synthetic rubber
  • Excellent UV, ozone, temperature, weathering and age resistance
  • Wide range of civil engineering, construction and electrical uses
  • Ideal for seals and gaskets around vehicle doors, boots and bonnets
  • Used for heat insulation seals, roofing, air conditioners and fridge seals
  • Low resistance to oils, gasoline and acids

We offer our EPDM anti slip pads in rolls, sheets and endless long strips for easy processing and adaptation to meet all individual customer requirements. If you’re looking to use EPDM for other applications, we're able to develop a wide range of densities, sizes, rolls, blocks and sheets, which can all be self-adhesive backed, if required.


We can split, saw, rout, die cut, water-jet cut, butt-weld, laminate, adhere, thermoform or compression mould and cut to size all of our foams, to create even the most complex shapes and sizes.

Interested in receiving sample sponge rubber from the team at Zouch Converters? Simply get in touch via our online form, email at sales@zouchconverters.co.uk or call us on +44 (0) 115 856 2025.

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