15th Apr 2019

Noise Cancelling Foam for Ear Cushions in Headphones for Children

Noise cancelling headphones have become more popular and necessary to reduce external noise for the protection of children’s hearing, especially during outdoor events such as festivals. Noise cancelling headphones protect young children’s ears from high levels of noise that could damage hearing and instead, offer a barrier from powerful sound often associated with music concerts, festivals, firework displays and even on airplanes.

Many parents and educators for school trips look to offer children more fulfilling and engaging experiences from a younger age and noise cancelling headphones mean greater opportunities for activities

Typical Decibel Chart

  • 140 - Gun Shot
  • 130 - Jet Taking Off
  • 120 - Jack Hammer
  • 110 - Fire Engine/Police Siren
  • 100 - Music Concerts
  • 90 - Chainsaw
  • 80 - Lawn Mower
  • 70 - Busy Street
  • 60 - Noisy Restaurant
  • 50 - Normal Conversation

There are many benefits to using noise cancelling headphones and the open cell foam associated with them that reduces the sound.

  • Helps to reduce any stress that is associated with loud noise
  • Increase a child’s focus from loud distractions
  • Protection during a child’s development stages
  • A sensory break and calming environment
Child with Noise Cancelling Earmuffs

Our specially developed flexible and comfort foams absorb echo to reduce and eliminate background noise by controlling the vibration that sound causes when it bounces off surfaces. Foam is a sound absorber and doesn’t control the noise directly, but improves acoustics which reduces the external noise.

We developed an advanced range of acoustical absorbing foams, designed specifically to deliver the highest level of noise reduction. With a polyurethane base and a unique open cell structure, our foam absorbs airborne sound by dissipating the energy within the cellular network.

Popular benefits of our open cell polyurethane foam for noise cancelling headphones:

  • Lightweight, flexible and comfortable so they can fit against the ear and not feel heavy or bulky to the wearer
  • Excellent sound and vibration dampening
  • Absorbs airborne sound
  • Meets today’s most demanding acoustic materials specifications
  • Very durable foams so they do not break or crumble (especially considering babies and toddlers with tendencies to put items in their mouths)
  • Soft, comfortable material which helps to reduce pressure around the ears
  • Environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic
Die Cut Open Cell Foam

Depending on your specific project, we can develop acoustical absorbing materials to your needs. Easily cut and installed, our products come in a whole range of formats, including sheets and rolls – with or without punched components, contoured cuts and special impregnations.

Our technical team can work with you to choose the best material for any design, so you can effectively control noise in your working environment. Get in touch with your challenge and we can help choose the right absorbing foam material for your environment.

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