7th Jun 2018

Noise Control in Your Working Environment

Noise control is becoming increasingly more important and the conditions of the working environment can put your employees at risk. From deafness, tinnitus and other ear related conditions, the industrial, construction, automotive and logistics sectors, are all prone to extreme noise levels.

There are over 9 million people in the UK that suffer from ear related complications. It’s an employer's responsibility to ensure they’re actively attempting to reduce any further risk to their employees. Keep your staff safe and healthy by respecting and understanding the conditions that they work in, by controlling the sound and noise levels they endure daily.

If employers are regularly assessing the risk of noise and vibrations, then potential issues can be identified and resolved with ease. From protective ear defenders to panel dampening to noise shields, sustained exposure to occupational noises needs to be controlled for the health and safety of employees.

Acoustic foam

How does foam work when controlling noise levels?

Our specially developed flexible foams soften surfaces to absorb echo within a room. It reduces and eliminates background noise by controlling the vibration that sound causes when it bounces off surfaces such as walls. Foam is a sound absorber, it doesn’t control the noise directly, but improves acoustics which reduces occupational noise. This can be applied to a range of applications such as protective headphones, machinery enclosures, wall and ceiling tiles, and cabin lining.

acoustic foam

At Zouch, we developed an advanced range of acoustical absorbing foams, designed specifically to deliver the highest level of noise reduction. With a polyurethane base and a unique open cell structure, our foam absorbs airborne sound by dissipating the energy within the cellular network.

The potential applications for our sound dampening and noise control foams are endless and we offer solutions in a wide range of industries. Combining our technical knowledge and market leading products, we’re able to offer the highest level of noise control, even in the most challenging industrial environments. We also have foams that can meet the stringent fire levels of BS 476 Class “0” and UL94 V0 regulations.

If you’re unsure if sound dampening foam if the right option for your environment, then some of the typical industries we work within are:

  • HVAC and building duct noise (duct lining, air conditioning units, compression and generators)
  • Construction and building noise reduction (electrical and machinery enclosures and acoustic booting lining)
  • Audio equipment and rooms (anechoic chambers, sound absorbers, ceiling and wall tiles)
  • IT hardware and mechanical equipment
  • Automotive and logistics (engine compartments, door panel absorbers)
acoustic foam panel

Depending on your specific project, we can develop acoustical absorbing materials with a variety of protective facings and finishings, to match the environmental needs of most applications. Easily cut and installed, our products come in a whole range of formats, including sheets and rolls – with or without punched components, contoured cuts and special impregnations.

Our technical team can work with you to choose the best material for any design, so you can effectively control noise in your working environment. Get in touch with your challenge and we can help choose the right absorbing foam material for your environment.

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