1st Feb 2019

Closed Cell Foam for Shoulder Straps and Pads for Cushioning

In many cases, padding used for shoulder straps or cushioning (particularly around hip support on rucksacks) is too thin and results in pads turning sideways with little need for movement or shock from the wearer.

Compounds used to create foam can be weak and more fragile than first realised, which leads to the material deteriorating sooner than expected. When used in products for retail, it can quickly discourage consumers from a brand and cause return items that would have otherwise endured long term use.

Ruck Sack

Common bag applications for strapping and padding:

  • Laptop bags and cases
  • Laptop strap padding
  • Rucksack and backpack strap padding
  • Rucksack and backpack hip support
  • Baby carriers
  • Crossbody bags and fabric satchels


Comfort is one of the biggest factors in strap padding and cushioning and when it comes to closed cell foam, suppliers can rest assured that it’s soft and comfortable for the wearer whilst remaining durable. It doesn’t crumble like some foams over time and can be formed in several different densities whilst remaining lightweight. When considering the length of time and the weight that some carriers will endure throughout travel, expeditions or even through the use of a baby carrier - comfort is key.


Closed cell foam can be created to most sizes and shape specifications. It is extremely lightweight making it the perfect alternative for padding when weight is a consideration - for instance, baggage allowance for travel and overall weight of the bag for the carrier.

High strength to weight ratio

Closed cell foam doesn’t compress easily as it keeps its form even under pressure and its shock absorbency helps to protect the wearer during more vigorous activities, such as rock climbing and scrambling.

Closed cell foam


Due to its closed cell nature the foam doesn’t allow moisture to pass through but antibacterial qualities applied to the foam keep it low odour for prolonged use or for use in warmer climates.

More benefits on using closed cell foam padding:

  • Doesn’t compress easily
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Antibacterial & Non Toxic
  • High quality
  • Low cost
  • Durable, so it doesn’t crumble with use
  • Waterproof (Closed Cell) & Buoyant
  • Thermal protection
  • Fire and chemical retardant
  • Shock absorbent
  • Variety of densities available
  • Uniform Cell Structure
  • Easy to convert and available in a range of sizes
  • Environmentally Friendly & Safe
  • UV Resistant

At Zouch, our high-performance closed cell foams and adhesive bonding tapes are trusted by specialists right across the world. Designers and engineers choose our advanced materials because of their durability, weight, water resistance and comfort.

Get in touch with our expert team to discuss your requirements and we will work with you to deliver a customised, consultative service, fully focused on what you and your product needs.

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