22nd Mar 2018

Anti Hot-Spot Tape is Top of the Crops

Our anti hot-spot tape is an absolute necessity for any serious polytunnel agriculturalist – lessening the degeneration of polytunnel covers by over 50% compared to its PVC counterpart.


With many years of experience manufacturing and supplying the agricultural industry with tapes specifically designed to aid the superior build and function of polytunnels, we have generated a great deal of experience in providing the exact technical specifications needed for horticulturalists to refurbish or build a successful polytunnel for a winning crop!

ZOUCHlen T19/08 Anti Hot-Spot Tape is a distinctive high performance physically cross-linked polyethylene foam tape designed to insulate the polythene cover from the steel frame of the polytunnel. The laminated polyester film on the non-adhesive side allows for quick application without the need to remove a protective covering, designed purely for ease-of-use. This product is also capable of tackling problems where the polyethylene cover is compromised due to abrasion of the steel hoops as well as hot-spots that build up on the steelwork during the summer months.

Anti-spot tape

There are suppliers on the market that offer PVC (poly vinyl chloride) foam which, because of its chloride formulation, provides a substandard finish evidently damaging the polythene cover far earlier than when using ZOUCHlen T19/08.

With various widths available our Anti Hot Spot tape continues to shine as industry leader. So whether you are modifying an existing polytunnel or building a new one, give one of our team a call to talk through your requirements!

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