7th Mar 2018

Keep the Winter out with Draught-Proofing Foam Tapes

With Britain experiencing ‘colder than normal’ winters these past few years, as foam and tape innovators we have reinvented our draught seal range to ensure homeowners are offered better insulation for their homes. Preserving and improving original buildings not only reinvigorates structures, but also ensures that they are fit for purpose for the 21st Century.

Sustainability and carbon efficiency are at the heart of the new build ideology – but where does that leave the homeowner of a 1960s house or a Victorian villa? Refurbishing existing features is a step in the direction of preservation and has a positive impact on our environment to boot. Adapting an old house can be costly, but it needn’t deter the homeowner from initialising the process through reviewing the least costly elements.

Our new ZOUCHseal 100 is a self-adhesive foam tape, characterised by good sealing properties against water, air, sound, heat and cold. The product is an upgrade of its predecessor ZOUCHseal 90 and was developed as a direct response to the surge in demand for draught sealing products of recent years. Up to 20% of all heat loss in buildings is through ventilation and draughts, so windows and doors should be the first port of call. The use of high quality PVC foam sealant tape or EPDM rubber seals in joints dramatically reduces airflow between cavities without compromising the building’s need for ventilation.

Hard economic times mean that more and more people are looking to save money where they can. Draught-proofing is often overlooked - but it’s one of the cheapest and most efficient ways to save energy - and money - in any type of building. Full draught-proofing can save the homeowner over £100 per year.

As innovators of foam, tape and sealing solutions, we are committed to the provision of energy efficiency solutions for a broad width of industries. This time of year sees increased sales of various extrusions for the window and door industry. When all is said and done, responsibility lies with the homeowner to demand these solutions of the trade. Research suggests that if the whole of the UK were to fully draught-proof their homes, as a country we would generate enough energy to heat nearly 400,000 homes.

If you're looking to draught proof your home we can help, get in touch with our team of experts to talk though your particular needs.

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