17th Feb 2023

Cost-Effective Foam Insulation For Homes

As energy costs rise across the UK, we have seen an increased demand for closed-cell foam. Homeowners are looking for more innovative ways to improve the energy efficiency of their homes.

A more cost-effective solution for home insulation, closed-cell polyethylene foam sheets offer real benefits to help combat price hikes and home energy efficiency. Not to mention, it also helps to reduce our carbon footprint.

Insulation creates a barrier between the inside and outside of a home, and the big benefit of better home insulation is retaining more heat. With the rising energy prices, better insulation ensures houses stay warmer for longer without paying more. The key to this is assessing advantageous areas of the home that benefit from insulation and being the most cost-effective spaces to insulate.

Image depicting heat loss in a home showing that walls lose 35%, windows and doors 25%, attic 25% and floor 10-15%.


Heat loss | Roughly 35%

As older buildings tend to have solid walls and newer builds with cavity walls, insulation for these two types of buildings largely differ. There are now options for new builds to introduce more cost-effective insulation options.


Heat loss | Roughly 25%

25% of heat is lost through home windows. Unknown to some, many double and triple-glazed windows these days have foam insulation within them. What’s more, it has the bonus of noise absorption too. Alongside internal insulation, foam tapes are used to seal crevices and seals in winter months to retain more heat.

Interior window and door frames representing the use of foam internally


Heat loss | Roughly 25%

Depending on the type of attic a home has, roof or floor attic insulation may be more suitable for the space. An uninsulated house can lose up to 25% of heat through the roof. Closed-cell foam is easily cut to any shape and comes in a range of thicknesses that can be glued together for added density and insulation.


Heat loss | Rough 10-15%

There’s nothing worse than getting out of bed and being greeted by a cold floor. As more and more homes opt for alternative flooring like LVT, underfloor insulation has increased in popularity too. Whilst not an essential form of home insulation, it makes a notable difference in comfort through the winter.

Radiator insulation

Insulation foil reflectors are exceptionally energy efficient if you want to improve insulation from heat sources such as radiators. Easy to install, they save money by reflecting the heat into the room, so your home stays warm for longer and ensures heat isn’t wasted.

Moreover, we can create closed-cell foam sheets backed with a foil reflector to add stability, durability and extra insulation.

Seal insulation

To add to that, our self-adhesive foam sealing tape works hard to increase comfort and save money on energy costs, too. With strong adhesive backing, good cushioning, flame retardant and insulating, our sealing tapes can be used around doors and windows in the home to keep the heat from escaping.

ZOUCHseal 90

ZOUCHseal 90 is a semi-open cell PVC foam with a very low density, low force to compress and quick application without problems. ZouchSeal 90 is designed to create a watertight seal with minimal force and conforms easily to rough or irregular surfaces. It is also ideal for sealing thin gauge metals or plastics, which could deform easily under more significant pressures. To create an adequate seal, the foam must be compressed at least 30% in the thermal joint. Once in place, the foam can handle normal joint movement due to thermal expansion or environmental forces.

What are the big benefits of closed-cell polyethylene?

  • Highly durable and won’t crumble
  • Chemically inert and odourless, so it won’t emit gases or chemicals that could rot or tinge wood or PVC
  • Non-toxic and hypoallergenic means that it’s kind to skin
  • Flame-retardant and water-resistant
  • Lightweight and cost-effective
  • Cut to any shape and available in a range of colours
  • Available in sheets, blocks and rolls

In summary, home insulation is a cost-effective way to improve your home's energy efficiency and reduce energy bills. With the rising energy cost, insulating your home is becoming an increasingly important consideration for homeowners in the UK.

At Zouch, we have an unrivalled ability to create unique, customised products that precisely meet customers' ever-evolving challenges in insulation. Our consultative approach means we’ll always find the best option for you.

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