18th Jul 2022

Custom Flocked Foam Jewellery Box Inserts

We understand the importance of ensuring packaging quality is as highly finished as the product it displays. Our bespoke foam inserts are made from super soft open-cell foam, which is laminated with a pitch-black felted fabric to ensure jewellery stands out—and is not let down by unsightly or inexpensive-looking inserts.

Jewellery items are highly personal, and whilst they can be both inexpensive and costly, it doesn't make them any less meaningful to an individual. When it comes to protecting jewellery in packaging, it's essential to secure jewellery items without them slipping around quickly or becoming loose and amassing damage.

All of our foam inserts can be customised for different jewellery to securely hold rings, necklaces and earrings, as well as be cut to any shape depending on the type and size of box packaging used for display and storage.

Jewellery foam insert


Our open-cell polyurethane foam is hypoallergenic and exclusively designed for contact with sensitive skin.

Odourless and chemically inert

Due to its chemical inertness, our open-cell foam doesn't release any odour and, subsequently, doesn't retain one. If perfumes, lotions or deodorisers are on the wearer's skin, they won't transfer to the foam.

Jewellery foam insert


Open-cell foam's structure ensures that it is super lightweight, and when it comes to packaging, this can be one of the key factors due to shipping and postage costs from online purchases.

High density

Despite being lightweight, open-cell foam has a very high density and is exceptionally durable, meaning it has long-lasting properties.

Jewellery foam insert

Moreover, the open-cell foam doesn't create or leave behind fibres, so as time goes on, the foam sees more use; it won't leave threads on jewellery—ensuring they always keep their highly polished sparkle.

Get in touch with our expert team to discuss your specific application, and we will support you from prototype to customer-ready product and are more than happy to send sample foam products at your request.

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