20th Apr 2022

How to Choose a Quick Dry Open-Cell Foam for Outdoor Cushions

Whilst style, shape and material used for upholstery is incredibly important for aesthetics when it comes to outdoor cushions, comfort goes a long way toward use and popularity too.

Open-cell foam

Foam padding for outdoor furnishing doesn’t get any better than open-cell foam which is not only comfortable to sit on for longer periods of time but facilitates the evacuation of moisture and humidity too.

The open-cell structure of the foam ensures better airflow and good breathing capacity. That means it’s much more comfortable to sit on during the warm summer months due to its breathability and will dry quickly too. When covered in breathable fabrics the water drains through the foam to the bottom of the cushion. That makes the cushioning especially good for poolside or beach seating and general outdoor seating for the home and businesses that need a hardy foam for all weathers.

Open-cell foam

Top benefits of open-cell foam for outdoor cushions

  • Great durability with no degradation from the sun, rain and seawater

  • Its breathability ensures quick drying

  • The reticulated form promotes airflow and excellent water drainage

  • Antibacterial and non-flammable

Open-cell foam

Our open-cell foam designed for outdoor use comes in two forms, ZouchKousti Superdry Firm, ZouchKousti Superdry Medium and ZouchKousti Superdry Soft, with variations in their net density, tensile strength, compression and elongation break, which means that they’re suited to different outdoor seating applications such as boating cushions and sleeping pads, garden furniture, caravans and camping.

This type of foam is very versatile and despite being high in quality, it’s also a low-cost option.

Our foam can be cut and formed into the shape you desire and we offer environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic, quality foam products to suit all projects across cushioning.

Open-cell foam

Get in touch with our expert team to discuss your specific application and we will support you from prototype to customer-ready product.

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