11th Jul 2022

Foam Watch Cushion Pillows for Luxury Retail Displays

A luxury watch is a considerable investment; in many circumstances, they're bought in celebration or as an aesthetic to work towards. Luxury watches are timeless statement accessories and heavily impact style, personality and persona—no wonder they often come with hefty price tags, and it's not just the brand or the craftsmanship that sells a watch to an individual or collector; it's the presentation too.

ZOUCH eFoam IXPE 20 Polyethylene Foam

The amount of time spent designing and creating luxury watches is second to none, as well as the high-quality parts used to create them. They're guaranteed to last decades, and so, when it comes to retailing items that have the potential to be displayed for extended periods, such a valuable, long to be admired timepiece must be well protected and secure until it's with its new owner.

We create durable, rounded radius foams, especially for luxury watches, using our ZOUCH eFoam IXPE 20 Polyethylene Foam.

It's a closed-cell foam with several benefits for retail displays, both in-store and windows.

ZOUCH eFoam IXPE 20 Polyethylene Foam.

Highly durable

Our eFoam durability means that each rounded radius watch pillow has stability and longevity for items that may be on display for some time. The foam will not become brittle and crumble and will last for continued reuse.

Chemically inert

As our foams are chemically inert, they will not release any gases or chemicals that tend to rot or tinge products whilst on display. Our foam is odourless, and men's and women's perfume will not pass onto the foam material between wears.

Non-toxic foam

Our eFoam is non-toxic and hypoallergenic to ensure that it is skin-friendly. Whilst many jewellery assistants wear microfibre gloves to handle luxury items; customers do not. Rest assured that our foam is kind to the skin and won't affect any customers touching watches, trying them on or coming into contact with our foam.

Flame retardant and UV resistant

The best props for window dressing are essential if you're displaying wristwatches in store windows. Our ZOUCH eFoam is flame-retardant and UV resistant, and our foam won't become discoloured when exposed to the sun for long periods.


Whilst unlikely to be a problem in store, condensation build-up on windows can sometimes be an issue, and foam displays can often be left in place overnight. Our foam is waterproof due to its closed-cell nature.


Incredibly durable but lightweight, the ZOUCH eFoam supports watches whilst still being light for specific watch display units and cases, plinths and hanging supports for window displays.

Bespoke shapes

We can split, saw, rout, die-cut, water-jet cut, butt-weld, laminate, flock, adhere, thermoform or compression mould all of our foams to create even the most complex shapes, sizes and finishes, with a range of colours available depending on your display requirements.

ZOUCH eFoam IXPE 20 Polyethylene Foam.
ZOUCH eFoam IXPE 20 Polyethylene Foam.

At Zouch, we’re no strangers to the luxury watch industry, having created luxury foam inserts for watch straps and watch display inserts for Dean Watson. We're very proud of our work in ensuring luxury watches and jewellery are displayed to showcase their timeless appearance.

We offer a selection of tactile foam samples ranging in colour, thickness, density and grade, so no matter your challenge, we’ve got a foam to suit your display needs. Contact us for your free foam sample booklet and to discuss your latest challenge.

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