3rd Mar 2021

Protective Egg Crate and Convoluted Polyurethane Foam Packaging Inserts

Commonly known as ‘egg box’ or ‘egg crate’ foam packaging, lightweight convoluted open-cell foam is used for a variety of different packaging applications to protect all manner of delicate, fragile and valuable items.

The peaks and troughs design of egg box foam is engineered to give stability to items and ensure that they’re kept firmly in place, whether that’s for storage or transit. Two layers of convoluted open-cell polyurethane foam are used together, with one layer at the top and the other at the bottom, securing items in position so they remain static during transit. Convoluted polyurethane foam is ideal for protecting delicate items due to its abrasion-resistant qualities, larger surface area and super-soft surface.

Convoluted foam sheets overlapping each other. One sheet is dark grey and one sheet is light grey.

Key benefits for open-cell polyurethane:

  • Lightweight
  • Comes in several grades and thicknesses
  • Shock absorbent
  • Suitable for all kinds of protective packaging applications
  • Protective and secure
  • Odourless
  • High density and extremely durable
  • Non-toxic
  • Anti-static grades available
Dark grey convoluted foam sheets.
Light grey convoluted foam sheets.

Convoluted polyurethane foam inserts are commonly used to protect items in flight cases, especially electronics, due to their anti-static properties. We can create combination inserts depending on your specifications - especially in Peli cases for the enhanced protection of tools, medical equipment and high-end camera equipment and lighting.

That means combining convoluted foam inserts with polyethylene foam inserts, which we can either water-jet cut or route into the most intricate of shapes to secure items and add our convoluted foam inserts into case lids and bases, to ensure anti-static and shock absorption.

All of our foams are highly durable and are perfect for packaging inserts to ensure the protection of valuable items. We recently worked with Rolls-Royce to create a line of chemically cross-linked closed-cell polyethylene foam inserts for their turbine blades in the Airbus A350XWB.

Polyethylene foam inserts

At Zouch, our foam is soft and lightweight but highly durable, absorbing shocks into the foam material by softening the surfaces of the environment during transit.

Depending on your specific project, we can develop any convoluted absorbing foam material for your specific needs. Open-cell foam is easily cut and installed and our products come in a whole range of formats, including sheets and rolls – with or without punched components, CNC contoured cuts and special impregnations.

Our experienced in-house technical team can work with you to choose the best material for any design, so you can effectively secure fragile items for storage and transit. Get in touch with your latest challenge and we can help choose the right protective foam material for your project.

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