12th Mar 2020

Open Cell Polyurethane Foam Stoppers For Sterile Containers and Medication

Foam plugs and stoppers are used in the pharmaceutical industry within plastic or glass containers to protect medication, pharmaceutical or dietary and nutritional supplement tablets too. The foam stoppers protect medication during transit to prevent shaking or breakage of tablets or capsules.

open cell polyurethane

We’ve been working with pharma companies to create open cell polyurethane foam stoppers due to its uniform density, compressible structure and non-toxic qualities. The foam is manufactured to be chemically resistant and doesn’t let off odour. Foam stoppers are a beneficial method of closing sterile containers and vials to protect medication.

open cell polyurethane

Our open cell polyurethane foam stoppers have been especially designed to be effective for nutritional supplements or vitamin tablets in soft gel format or hard pressed powder format.

Due to the structure of open cell foam, whilst its uniform density keeps its shape, it’s possible to squeeze and compress the foam - its both soft and flexible so it can easily be squashed into a container and form its shape to fit the space it’s placed within.

It’s a very versatile foam for all manner of applications and can be custom designed, and made to measure no matter the size or shape of the container.

open cell polyurethane

Benefit highlights of using open cell polyurethane

  • Non-toxic, chemically inert and hypoallergenic
  • High in density and exceptionally durable
  • Can easily be compressed to fit within containers
  • Super soft when in contact with hands
  • Available in a range of sizes, shapes and depths
  • Leaves no fibres on medication
  • Keeps medication secure within the container

At Zouch Converters, our highly advanced technical open cell foams are trusted by medical professionals and pharmaceutical brands across the world. We offer a customised, consultative service, fully focused on what you need – from the most effective materials on the market to a bespoke product created just for you, we’re here to support you every step of the journey.

open cell polyurethane

Our chemically inert, non-toxic materials are helping pharmaceutical businesses with low-cost, high quality solutions for the packaging and protection of both medication and nutritional substances. The bespoke, problem-solving approach we use has secured interesting projects with award-winning global brands, and we’ve helped to empower them to grow creatively and strategically, whilst unlocking the potential of their product through our foam materials.

As well as being cut and formed to the shape you desire, we offer environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic, quality foam products to suit all sectors. Get in touch with our expert team to discuss your specific application and we will support you from prototype to customer-ready product and are more than happy to send sample foam products at request.

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