16th Jul 2020

Reusable Antibacterial Ony Face Mask For Protection Against Covid-19

We've been supplying Medical Grade Face Shields to the NHS across the UK together with PPE equipment to Key Workers and businesses such as Beauty Salons, Hair Salons, Barbers and Tattoo Shops as they continue to re-open.

While we've been working with our customers, they've requested the supply of Face Masks continuously, too, and so, we've worked with other suppliers to be able to keep up with the demand across the nation.

We're now supplying ONY Face Masks which are reusable and antibacterial with SILVADUR™ Technology, which has been specially designed for day to day use for protection against bacteria, disease, dust and germs.

Through state of the art engineered SILVADUR™ Polymer and Silver Ion, the ONY Mask offers unmatched antimicrobial technology that controls bacteria flow.

ONY Face Mask

The ONY Face Mask has a 100% cotton layer to isolate dust and larger particles, an inner layer of SILVADUR™ Technology to stop small bacteria, disease and pollution, and finally, an inner gauze that traps moisture for comfort and easy breathing

Key benefits of the ONY Face Mask

Odour Control

Fresh antibacterial SILVADUR™ Technology controls odour and keeps the ONY Mask feeling fresh all day long.

Ear Loop

The ONY Face Mask has adjustable ear toggles that can be pulled along the ear loop to the desired tightness, for natural comfort and easy sizing.

ONY Face Mask

Washable Fabric

Washable SILVADUR™ protective fabric & cotton that can be washed at up to 130 degrees and up to 50 times for reuse. The SILVADUR™ Technology has an antibacterial layer with an AAA security standard against harmful bacteria. Other added benefits are AG+ sterilisation, breathability, dustproof fabric and ultra-soft cotton for comfort.

3-Ply Face Mask

If preferred, we're also supplying disposable 3-Ply Face Masks that prevent any droplets from being released into the air when you speak, cough and sneeze. The droplets that are released into the atmosphere may carry harmful particles, and so, wearing a Face Mask reduces the number of droplets thereby protecting those around you. These Face Masks offer a comfortable fit whilst being lightweight, secure and pinch-able at the nose for a better fit.

3-Ply Face Mask

Here at Zouch, our growing range of PPE for barbers, self-employed hairdressers, hair and beauty salons ensures the safety of individuals, employees and customers. Our selection of personal protective equipment (PPE) includes Face Shields (CE Certified), Face Shield Kits, Face Masks and Social Distancing Barriers.

Get in touch with our expert team to discuss your requirements and how Zouch can help you and your business in preventing the spread of Coronavirus.

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