9th Aug 2019

ZOUCHretic Open Cell Reticulated Filtration Foams For Aquariums and Ponds

Our filtration foams are widely used within the aquatic industry, whether for at home aquariums or large scale commercial aquariums and ponds. There are many types of aquarium filters that are available on the market, each with their own specific set of attributes dependant on the size of the aquarium and the filter size needed to keep it clear.

Mechanical filtration

Mechanical filtration allows water to pass through the filtration foam and catches particles within the water to remove them from an aquarium environment.

Chemical filtration

Chemical filtration aims to specifically target excessive amounts of nutrients or chemicals within an aquarium environment.

Biological filtration

Biological filtration is heavily dependant on the amount on the size of an aquarium and the amount of space available for bacteria to be able to grow. Biological filtration breaks down different types of bacteria through the nitrogen cycle (waste, food and fungi), which then creates ammonia which is toxic for an aquariums inhabitants.

The most commons of basic setup filters is a sponge/air driven filter which use open cell foam. This type of filtration foam is commonly used for aquariums found in the home for small fish, invertebrates, breeding and nursery tanks. This type of sponge foam filter is powered by an air pump and forces water through the open cells.

However there are many types of filters available such as canister filters, box filters, power filters and trickle filters to name but a few. All of these types of filters use open cell filtration foam to pass the water from within the tank and through the filter, whether they’re micro, small or large-poured sponges.

Reticulated Open Cell Foam for Aquariums

Our range of filtration foams at Zouch Converters are polyurethane based with either a polyester or a non toxic, chemically stable Polyether Polyol, created by removing membranes from within through a process called ‘reticulation’.

This creates an open cell sponge which has an almost ‘net-like’ structure within the foam and allows for low flow restriction, giving particles freedom to pass through. However, dust and unwanted particles are trapped within the cells of the reticulated foam, allowing pure wanted (and wanted bacteria) to pass through the filtration system and back into an aquarium or ponds environment.

We specialise in high-performance products from worldwide manufacturers meeting International standards and solving our customers needs with a wide range of materials choices. By providing an extensive range of foams and material types, Zouch can easily satisfy many complex needs efficiently and quickly.

Reticulated Open Cell Foam

Whatever your need, get in touch with our technical experts and we’ll be sure to filter through all your worries and find a solution to your upcoming project.

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