7th Mar 2018

The King of Joint Sealing Tapes

As energy and cost efficiency prove all the more significant in determining which products to utilise in home-building, we continue to evolve products to tackle the problems at both ends. This time, however, we have excelled in developing a triple threat product - ZOUCHband 3E IDA.

ZOUCHband 3E IDA is a multi-talented self-adhesive foam tape that has the capacity to meet the critical demands of numerous energy saving regulations in one sealing product. ZOUCHband 3E IDA has over 1,000 Pa resistance to driving rain, while still providing a 500% movement accommodation factor, standing up to the strongest rainfall and storm gusts.

ZOUCHband 3E IDA self-adhesive foam tape

This innovative new tape is one of the highest in its calibre, where previously three separate materials were necessary; we have ensured that one stand-alone product is sufficient. There are three layers to the ‘one-stop-shop’ tape. The external material provides driving rain resistance, the central area offers superior acoustic and thermal insulation and the internal area offers absolute air-tightness. The idea being that it saves the window fitter time without compromising quality.

ZOUCHband 3E IDA self-adhesive foam tape

ZOUCHband 3E IDA is a future proof tape that offers an ‘a-value’ of zero, meaning 100% air-tightness gives an absolute seal with dramatically reduced heat loss. This material is a new solution in sealing technology that guarantees energy efficiency as well as cost savings and less labour intensive application than other alternatives.

For a more detailed overview and to get samples of this impressive tape call get in touch to speak to one of our expert team.

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