28th Nov 2018

Polyurethane Foam Vehicle Heat Insulation and Soundproofing

Polyurethane (PU) is a low density polymer that is widely used throughout the automotive industry for vehicle manufacturing applications. Most polyurethanes are thermosetting polymers and that means they do not melt when heated, which is especially important for vehicle and passenger safety.

Rigid PU foams are one of the most popular polymers for energy efficiencies and act as a very versatile form of insulation, for both heat and sound, within a vehicle’s interior cabin. Due to PU foams effectiveness, it dramatically cuts down costs when maintaining temperatures and decreasing the noise levels of exterior car sounds.

However, although the main areas for noise originates from the engine, suspension and tires, maintaining in-car noise has become just as important to car manufacturers, since the production of handsfree communication and GPS. The interior acoustics need as much consideration as the exterior, and so, PU foams ability to reduce sound by absorbing noise and vibrations is a big benefit to vehicle design.


Noise reduction is essential to passenger safety, as loss of concentration has a negative impact on driving behaviour and causes longer reaction times, inadequate observation and hazardous braking.

Polyurethane is versatile and can easily be adapted for freedom of design, as well as being greatly affordable. It’s a great alternative for keeping costs lower for both the manufacturer and the consumer, as due to its lightweight qualities, it also benefits the consumer when considering the increase in fuel costs.

PU Foam is often used within homes due to its superior insulative qualities and is known for its ability to maintain and control temperature, whilst managing energy efficiently. Polyurethane has one of the highest thermal resistances despite its low density too.

Key benefits of polyurethane foam:

  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Sound and vibration dampening
  • High performing thermal insulator

At Zouch, our specialist automotive and transportation foams are lightweight, flexible and capable of performing to exceptional levels, in even the most demanding conditions. Our in-house design and development engineers are constantly focused on optimum comfort and cost effectiveness, as well as on reducing environmental impact and vehicle weight.

Which is why you’ll find our smart, state-of-the-art products in the interiors, exteriors and engine compartments of thousands of cars, buses, trucks, excavators and recreational vehicles worldwide. Get in touch with our expert team to discuss your specific application and we will support you from prototype to road-ready product.

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