19th Feb 2018

Polyurethane Foam Tape Takes the Structural Glazing Industry by Storm

As one of Europe’s leading independent foam and adhesive manufacturers we have a loyal base of long-term, high-profile clients in the building trade. Our superior strength polyurethane foam tapes have been used industry-wide to provide high performance spacers and thermal breakers on a variety of residential, commercial and industrial projects. The foam tape has been fitted to thousands of glass, steel and anodized aluminium windows and continues to strengthen its presence in the construction industry.

Our ZOUCHGLAZINGMOUNT 400 is the tape of choice in today's building and construction industry due to its outstanding performance and reliability credentials; from high profile hotels to personal building projects, this tape excels in its field. As well as being able to offer a breathable open cell foam structure that reduces heat transfer and inhibits condensation on fenestration systems, it also offers excellent resistance to oxidation, weather and fungal growth.

Glazing Mount Foam Tape

ZOUCHGLAZINGMOUNT400 is compatible for structural glazing silicones of the companies Dow Corning, General Electrics, Rhone-Poulenc Industries and Wacker Chemie AG. Test certificates are available on request.

ZOUCHGLAZINGMOUNT 400 is the ideal constituent to help maintain vital spacing in structural glazing systems. The superior quality of the double-sided adhesive foam tape ensures that it can accommodate for stability whilst silicone elements cure. Quick and easy to apply, this foam tape will surpass your expectations.

Our specialist building and construction tapes offer an agile, lightweight, high-performance material for your project, that’s fire, water, UV and temperature resistant too. Get in touch with our expert technical team to talk about your challenge and we will consult with you to help determine the optimum polyurethane foam tape for your project.

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