28th Feb 2018

Expanding Foam Tape Market Swells in Recent Drive for Sustainable Homes

Zouch Converters’ impregnated expanding foam tapes have been used industry-wide to provide high performance joint fillers and weather seals on a number of residential, commercial and industrial projects. We have seen particularly prominent sales of ZOUCHexpandafoam BG1 with a large proportion of the construction market citing the upscale of Building Regulations as reason for the surge in demand.

ZOUCHexpandafoam BG1 has long relied on its performance and reliability credentials to drive sales - today however, in an increasingly ‘carbon aware’ world, a new age of BG1 consumer is born. With increasing pressure from the Energy Saving Regulation, manufacturers to the building trade are under pressure to turn to new technologies in order to better insulate homes whilst not compromising cost-efficiency. The last few months have seen a decisive change in the energy regulations behind constructing new homes. The consortium of house builders aiming to construct code level 4 homes relying on building material performance rather than renewable energy sources have chosen sites to start work and the minimum standards for Code compliance have been set. The Code is intended to signal the future direction of Building Regulations in relation to home carbon emissions and energy use, providing greater regulatory certainty for the home building industry.

ZOUCHexpandafoam BG1

ZOUCHexpandafoam BG1 is the ideal constituent to help seal heat into buildings. Aside from providing a cost-saving on alternative spray foam gap fillers, the building and construction industry is keen to resound in praise for a product that is easy to install and guaranteed to deliver improved energy efficiency as well as a service life of up to 20 years.

Incorporating fire resistant qualities, the versatile ZOUCHexpandafoam BG1 ranges can be widely used to provide simple, quick and effective gap seals to not only accommodate expansion, movement and water-tightness but also provide thermal and acoustic insulation, while still remaining permeable to trapped water and water vapour – so as to ensure that the exchange of air between a building’s interior and exterior is not compromised. Quick and easy-to-apply, the self-adhesive ZOUCHexpandafoam BG1 tapes can be used to seal joints ranging in width from 2mm to 40 mm with a single tape as an all-in-one solution.

ZOUCHexpandafoam BG1

The product can accommodate temperature resistance of -30°C to +100°C / 130°C (short term) making it one of the best performing tapes in its class. Once installed, a building is better protected from wind, rain and dust and is well-equipped to accommodate structural movement and fire infringement. The pronounced sales of ZOUCHexpandafoam BG1 act as an indication of the direction home building in the UK is going.

Our specialist building and construction tapes turn gaps into seals, and are the most cost-effective and energy efficient method of insulating a home. Get in touch with our expert technical team to talk through your requirements and we will consult with you to help determine the most effective solution tape for your project.

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