24th Jul 2018

Closed Cell Foam and Double-Sided Self-Adhesive Tape for POS and POD in the Retail Industry

Closed Cell Polyethylene Foam for POS and POD

Point of Sale (POS) and Point of Display (POD) are cost effective solutions to advertise and display promotions, offers, advertisements and directional signage that can be used both inside and outside. They can be wall mounted, propped up or used alongside double-sided adhesive tapes for window or shop displays.

They’re particularly prominent in the retail sector and whilst POS is used all year around, they’re a fundamental point of engagement with customers to direct them to seasonal offers.

From stands, boards, inserts for packaging, 3D lettering and window displays, closed cell polyethylene foam is cost-effective way to create stand-out and eye catching advertisements for marketing materials.

Closed Cell Foam

Benefits of closed cell foam for POS and POD:

  • Lightweight (especially good for hanging displays or transport for exhibitions)
  • Durable and robust (for general shop wear and tear and storing)
  • Available in a range of grades and densities
  • Low cost alternative
  • Comes in a range of colours
  • Water-resistant (useful for outdoor displays)
  • Works with adhesives to bond other materials

As ecommerce sales continue to grow, retail outlets need to look for better ways to visually merchandise their products and promotions in store. In today’s crowded marketplace, POS can make an enormous difference and draw customers into your store (from window displays) or direct their eyeline to in-store promotions. The ultimate goal is to garner the attention of paying customers looking to make s decision, so signage can really make an impact in the buying process.

We can split, saw, rout, die cut, water-jet cut, butt-weld, laminate, adhere, thermoform or compression mould all of our foams to create even the most complex shapes and sizes, so talk to us about your latest challenge.

Point of Display

Double-Sided Self-Adhesive Foam Tapes

We also manufacture and supply double-sided self-adhesive foam tapes, which are often used alongside foam POS and POD to create 3D displays or attach materials together. They have a cleaner, neater appearance than mechanical fasteners and they’re faster and easier to apply, without special tools, saving on labour costs.

Our comprehensive range of double sided foams and tapes are suitable for bonding plastics, metal and card and should you have difficult substrates with low surface energy then we will happily take your product and test it to find the most suitable adhesive to fulfil your requirement. As well as permanent bonding Zouch also have a range of products that are used for temporary bonds such as perm-peel tape, magnetic tape and hook and loop

Sponge rubber and foam

Our range includes a variety of formulations to suit different uses and environments, with different densities, adhesive types, liners and technical properties. We’re here to help you find the very best option for your project, so talk to our expert team and we can support you from start to finish.

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