23rd Mar 2018

An Extensive Range of Products Targeted at Energy Efficiency

Beautiful Victorian buildings are testament to the legacy of the British Industrial Revolution, steeped in history and permeated with character. However, as the UK becomes increasingly carbon emission aware, their character diminishes through the poorly insulated, draughty windows they house. A legislation introduced to Parliament in December 2010 included the intent to revolutionise the energy efficiency of British properties.

In light of these continued government efforts and our own keen interest in climate change, we are actively evolving our products against an increasingly energy efficient backdrop. One of the first products of its kind, ZOUCHkonekt, a unique humidity foil strip paved the way for things to come from Zouch. This distinctive material seals joints between windows offering complete air-flow control, thus combatting the common problem of window condensation. ZOUCHkonekt offers an effective, durable and easy to install seal that provides an internal airtight seal.

With increasing pressure from the Energy Saving Regulation, manufacturers of windows and doors must strive to evolve new technologies in order to better insulate heat whilst not inducing the irksome dilemma of condensation.

Due to its unique properties, ZOUCHkonekt adapts to the seasonal temperature gradient changes which occur within window joints from inside outwards and from outside inwards. ZOUCHkonekt acts as a humidity migration point, meaning that joints remain dry all year round and the risks of building damage triggered by condensation are substantially lessened.

Suitable for both windows and doors, this unique ZOUCHkonekt strip has won over window manufacturers and installers industry-wide. Be the first to introduce quality assurance to your range and give our team a call!

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