Closed Cell Packaging Solutions Help Keep Products Safe

We were approached last year by a small creative team specialising in personalised gifts. They put their hearts and souls into their designs and everything they make is created with care. It was then up to us to keep it safe.

After the initial consultation, their idea was to present ten test tubes tucked up in a luxury white box. They needed us to provide them with a foam to keep the test tubes securely in place, as well as adding padding and protection to ensure that their product reached their customer in perfect condition during transit.

Padding and packaging which protects products during transit

Zouch Converters do do a very nice job for us indeed, lovely to deal with too.

- The Happy Makehouse

Whilst The Happy Makehouse had the creative side covered, it was down to Zouch to provide the protection. Using our ZOUCH eFoam range which are a collection of robust, closed-cell polyethylene foams, we produced a foam strip with a self-adhesive backing on, with one side adhered to the box on either side to keep the test tubes nice and snug.

Closed-Cell Polyethylene Foam

How good does it look? Simple but effective. We love watching The Happy Makehouse grow as a company and our partnership helps us all achieve incredible things.

- Rob West, Owner, Zouch Converters

Closed-Cell Polyethylene Foam

Our extensive range of closed-cell polyethylene foams benefit from being chemically inert, lightweight and resistant to chemicals and water, and are low cost, making them an ideal high-performance packaging solution. Find out more about our innovative packaging and protection solutions or get in touch to talk through your project with one of our expert team members.