Biological Range of ZOUCHretic Open Cell Reticulated Filtration Foams For Custom Aquarium Design

We recently had the pleasure of working with and supplying our Biological ZOUCHretic Open Cell Reticulated Filtration Foam to Terry West, a sculptor of aquarium environment theming. West has used our open cell reticulated filtration foam to create incredibly intricate coral and stone with life-like accuracy.

Terry West aquascape.

Our range of filtration foams at Zouch Converters are polyurethane based with either a Polyester or Polyether Polyol, that are created by removing membranes from within through a process called ‘reticulation’. Our foam is non-toxic and perfectly safe for aquariums and their inhabitants.

ZOUCHretic foam sits within our biological filtration foam range, which refers to the process of beneficial bacteria within an aquarium breaking down ammonia and nitrate, to transform into a compound nitrate (much less toxic for the environment). This type of bacteria, which is highly beneficial to the tank’s environment, attaches itself to rock, gravel and sand - that means sculptured filtration foams look incredibly appealing but are also an excellent asset to an aquarium environment.

Aquascape within an aquarium made from foam.

“It’s amazing to see our ZOUCHretic foam used in such an inspirational and interesting way. When we go about creating our ranges, we always ensure they’re speciality, high performing foams and it's incredible to see filtration foam repurposed within the same environment on a larger scale, whilst still maintaining its original purpose and functionality.”

- Rob West - Zouch Converters Director

We have been manufacturing and supplying a comprehensive range of world-class filtration foams and post-treatment technology to the aquatic and marine industry for over a decade. Our ZOUCHretic H range comes in blue, beige and green, in varying densities, sizes and shapes. No matter your requirements, our expert technical team can work with you and your spec, whatever the project or challenge.

open cell reticulated filtration foam to create incredibly intricate coral and stone with life-like accuracy

Whatever your need, get in touch with our technical experts and we’ll be sure to filter through all your worries and find a solution to your upcoming project.

Our filtration foams are widely used within the aquatic industry, whether for at home aquariums or large scale commercial aquariums and ponds. Read more about our ZOUCHretic Open Cell Reticulated Filtration Foams For Aquariums and Ponds.