2nd Mar 2018

Zouch eFoam for static safe packaging

When it comes to protective packaging, more isn’t the answer. It’s of primary importance to review the product by its size, shape, sensitivity and fragility - before deciding on the amount and density of the foam that is required.

Padding is achieved with rigid foam that fits tightly and securely around the product to keep it secure. Single sided adhesive tape is often used to keep the foam fixed in position, too. The key is to ensure that foam isn’t too dense or tightly packed, as any impact to the package will transfer the energy of the shock directly to the product itself. That’s why it’s so important to keep electrical equipment safe from electrostatic discharge (ESD).

What is Electrostatic Discharge?

Electrostatic discharge is the sudden flow of electricity that is created between two electrically charged objects. It’s caused by a buildup of static electricity which can be created by two objects of different materials making contact and causing a shock. Some ESD isn’t seen or heard, so when it comes to sensitive devices, components or equipment, the damage isn’t immediately visible. If the material is an insulator, the charge doesn’t move and is commonly known as static electricity.


How does Zouch eFoam prevent ESD?

Polyethylene foam, commonly known as closed cell foam, is a rigid foam that is shock absorbant, thermally insulated, waterproof and perfect for packaging. Its anti static properties prevent damage from electrostatic charge from impact and vibration.

Our eFoam (closed cell foam) range includes ethylene co-polymer, conductive and static dissipative foams, as well as flame retardant and antibacterial grades, in a range of densities, colours and sizes. Each one is non-toxic, thermally insulating and resistant to UV, moisture and chemicals.

Key factors when considering protective static safe packaging are:

Shock absorbant
Sensitive items such as computer hardware components need to be protected during handling, shipping, and storage. Zouch eFoam minimises friction and the charging of materials to keep the component safe from the build up and discharge of static energy.

Due to the cell structure of closed cell foam, Zouch eFoam is waterproof and keeps the internal product safe from damp and condensation encountered with shipping.

Thermally insulated
Zouch eFoam protects components from temperature conditions and handling.

Other properties of polyethylene foam:

  • Cost effective
  • Can come in various different die cuts
  • Extremely rigid due to its cell structure
  • Easily molded and cut into various shapes and sizes
  • Can be laminated with pressure sensitive adhesive tapes
  • Clean and low shred
Zouch eFoam

At Zouch, when it comes to packaging, protecting and presenting your products, we take a creative approach. Our in-depth understanding of the properties and potential of polyethylene and polyurethane means we can develop almost any design, no matter how complex, into a lightweight, durable, bespoke piece that really performs.

Whatever you’d like to achieve, our expert team can work with you to design and develop products and components, choosing and using the very best materials for the job. We can split, saw, rout, die cut, water-jet cut, butt-weld, laminate, adhere, thermoform or compression mould all of our foams to create even the most complex shapes and sizes, so get in touch about your latest challenge.

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