13th Feb 2018

​How to Keep your Home Warm in Cold Weather

Just like that, Christmas has come and gone, as has a new year and we find ourselves moving full steam ahead into 2018 already. Despite this, we still have a couple of months to go until we can fully say goodbye to Winter and welcome Spring. In these cold times keeping warm at home is essential. We have been supplying foam to the building and construction industry for years which has earned us an exceptional reputation for keeping buildings warm.

One of the biggest reasons for heat loss in the home are the front and back doors. To check if your doors are well insulated, stand outside when it’s dark and shine a torch around the edges of the door. If light can be seen seeping in, then we’d suggest foam draught excluders to prevent the bitter cold getting through.

A warm home, cool bills - the facts

  • More than 40% of all the heat lost in an average home is through the loft space and walls
  • Just 270-300mm (10.5inches) of loft insulation can save up to 15% of a home’s heating costs
  • Up to 20% heat loss is through doors and windows
  • Up to 20% of all heat loss in the home is through ventilation and draughts

Semi open cell PVC foam can help keep your home warm

Semi open cell foam is often used for doors, walls and windows as an air, dust or draught seal. Our ZOUCHseal product line, and particularly the ZOUCHseal 90 is a great example.

ZOUCHseal 90 is a semi open cell PVC foam with a very low density and a low force to compress. The special design of this tape allows a quick application without problems. ZouchSeal 90 is designed to create a watertight seal with a minimal amount of force. This ability allows it to conform easily to rough or irregular surfaces. It is also ideal for sealing thin gauge metals or plastics which could deform easily under greater pressures. To create an adequate seal, the foam must be compressed a minimum of 30% in the thermal joint. Once in place, the foam will be able to handle normal joint movement due to thermal expansion or environmental forces.

Get in touch with our team to find out more about our extensive range of semi open cell foam and to make use of our fast and free sample service.

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