Revolutionising Closed Cell Foam Jump Wings in Equestrian Jump Training

We recently worked with Safer Equine, who have revolutionised Equestrian jump training through a new innovative jump system, which has used Zouch Converters’ closed cell foam for the system’s jump wings.

Safer Equine has been developed by Dr Emma Punt who has worked as an Equine and Canine McTimoney chiropractor for over 15 years.

I have treated many horses that have been injured whilst jumping and was interested in developing a safer jump wing. The Safer Equine Jump Wing has revolutionised jump training with this innovative jump system. They are lightweight, portable and manoeuvrable and have already been acclaimed by top trainers as the benchmark for modern jump training.

- Dr Emma Punt, McTimoney Equine and Canine Therapist

Equestrian Jump Wing

The unique shape, colour and design of the closed cell foam Safer Equine Jump Wing introduces variety into the training arena, to both challenge and train horses to listen to the rider and understand the jumping question.

Zouch Converters’ high-performance polyethylene foam has been created with aviation-spec in mind. The cross-linked closed cell foam is incredibly lightweight making the jump wings very easy to transport and be used anytime, anywhere.

Polyethylene foam jump wing

They’re perfect for all riders, trainers and instructors, and are particularly great for jump clinics. The closed cell foam is also extremely durable with its high strength-to-weight-ratio, meaning that it will endure continuous training.

Our closed cell efoam is available in a variety of colour options, meaning Safer Equine and their customers are not restricted by shade, as well as being water resistant, washable and frost resistance. We can also offer personalisation by laser etching and engraving initials or letters into the foam.

Polyethylene foam jump wing

We are delighted to have been involved with Emma in the design and development of this ground-breaking jump system. At Zouch we are always proud to be associated with products which improve health and safety and these jump wings are certainly doing so for both horses and riders.

- Rob West, Owner, Zouch Converters

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