Closed Cell Cross-Linked Polyethylene Foam for Luxury Watch Display Inserts

Dean Watson has 20 years of interior experience and has been creating luxury bespoke projects with award winning craftsmanship for over a decade. It’s been a privilege working with Dean on this recent project for bespoke foam inserts for a luxury watch display.

Dean Watson Bespoke Furniture

As a bespoke furniture designer, everything I create is unique and so any requirements for foam inserts are likely to be a one off. Zouch Converters was the first company that I came across that were willing to create a single part required for a bespoke furniture commission. Zouch were really helpful in providing options for different foam types and helped with the actual design of our foam insert, to ensure it would look and perform great.”

- Dean Watson - Owner - Dean Watson Bespoke Interiors.

We supplied Dean Watson with our ZOUCH eFoam IXPE 20 in black which is a Closed Cell Cross-Linked Polyethylene Foam at 45 Kgs/m3 density. We routed out 12 apertures to form an insert to display luxury watches within a display cabinet’s drawers. This ensured that the display insert was completely bespoke, measured and cut to size to snugly fit within the drawer.

The closed cell foam was flock coated to give the appearance and feel of a more luxurious material and allow for the watches themselves to look even more striking.

View the journey of Dean Watson's Luxury Distressed Leather & Dark Oak Console featuring our Cross-Linked Polyethylene Foam.

Bespoke foam insert

“Their prices are very competitive and their turnaround, even with our special one off machine set up requirements, was very quick indeed! Zouch will be my first point of contact for any future foam insert requirements I have for any future bespoke furniture projects.”

- Dean Watson - Owner - Dean Watson Bespoke Interiors.

Our ZOUCH eFoam IXPE 20 is highly durable and strong making it perfect for regular use and for display purposes. It’s chemically inert and pure and doesn’t release any gasses or chemicals that may rot or tinge product on display. The closed cell foam itself is part of our wide range of hygienic non-toxic foam sponges we produce and is inherently water and chemically resistant, flame retardant with very low weight.

Closed Cell Cross-Linked Polyethylene

It's been a pleasure working alongside Dean to create a one off foam insert for his bespoke furniture. Our technical team are always on hand to ensure our clients are using the right foam type for the job, no matter how big or small that is.

- Rob West - Director - Zouch Converters.

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